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Jacob was to be known as Isra-el.”…כי שרית עם אלוקים ועם אנשים, ותוכל…” (בראשית לב:כט) – ‘Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel; for thou hast struggled with God and with humanity, and hast prevailed.’ (Genesis 32:29). Isra-el struggles with God and with humanity. We, the People of Isra-el, maintain that struggle/interaction from time immemorial. Our collective narrative is safeguarded and remains relevant as a result of our interaction with life, generating questions & not accepting things as they are. The People of Israel, worldwide, are attempting to answer these questions through conferences, encounters, projects, books, articles, and so much more tackling Jewish Peoplehood, identity and Israel’s religious make-up. Many of us are engaged in Tikun Israel, in confronting and overcoming our challenges – many more must join. Please post your ideas, questions, concerns, articles, and initiatives for all to see and consider getting involved in this movement of reclamation, of Tikun Israel.

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