A case of mistaken identity?

I’m afraid so.
Are we the People/Nation of Israel or the Jewish People? This could explain some of the disconnect we witness taking place among Jews (People of Israel) around the world. If Judaism’s ancestry is the tribe of Judah, and Judah was the son of Israel (Jacob), then aren’t we all Israelis? The term Israel is not limited to the land or nation-state or the people who are its modern day citizens, it is however who we are – it is our origin; one who forgets where he/she has come from, has a tough time knowing where they are going. Israel is not merely an entry point, as in the case of birthright israel and other experiential-based Israel programs, Israel is our anestoral, religious, cultural, and theological essence in the world. Why didn’t birthright israel call itself birthright judaism? Is birthright about connecting young Jews to Israel (not only: “…to strengthen participants’ personal Jewish identity and connection to Jewish history and culture…”)? Birthright Israel, as many other Israel-experienced program, hopes their alumni will return to their respective countries and communities energized and perpared to get involved – in a Jewish way. Israel is at the core of Jewish idenity, anything less is mistaken identity. Engage in Tikun Israel

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