From Time Immemorial

It is true that many of us were not alive to witness the birth of the modern State of Israel or any of the existential challenges the state and her people faced for that matter  – but does that mean we can’t relate to those challenges, find pride in her accomplishments and stand upon the shoulders of those who came before us? It is in fact the memories of our people, from time immemorial, that pushes us to heal and persevere. In the next 72 hrs we will remember the Israeli athletes murdered in the 1972 Munich games followed by the memory of both destructions of the Temple (655 yrs apart) on the 9th of Av over 2000 yrs ago. It is said of Napolean who walked past a synagogue on the 9th of Av, upon hearing the sound of wailing from inside remarked, “A people that remembers to mourn so long the loss of a city and a homeland is sure to regain both.” And so it is… may the memories of our people be for a blessing and for peace.