Laura & Andrew, 2008

In our search for a rabbi for our wedding my husband and I “interviewed” a number of rabbis to marry us – neither of us had been members of a synagogue in NYC but the choice and decision of who we were comfortable with was of utmost importance (we didn’t want “just anyone”).  We were lucky enough to be introduced to Rabbi Sinai and after our initial meeting it was clear that there was something special about him that appealed to us on all levels – personal, religious, and spiritual. Rabbi Sinai spent a tremendous amount of time and effort in making sure that we were comfortable with his demands and needs as well as his being comfortable with ours.  Andrew spent many hours with Rabbi Sinai learning the Torah portion from the weekend of our wedding so that he could present a D’Var Torah prior to signing the Ketubah.  This, just being one of many things that Rabbi Sinai did to personalize and provide for a meaningful wedding ceremony. While we worked countless hours to make our wedding a special event for our family and friends, Rabbi Sinai was in many respects the “icing on the cake” – his warmth and energy combined with his zest for Judaism was felt by all.