There is a time for everything, now is the time to stay alive

There is no doubt that we, here in Israel, need to go through some process of cheshbon nefesh, self-reflection, reconnecting with our principals for humanity and seeing the sanctity of life in all that we do. We can discuss politics, society and the educational system – all of which require serious thought & consideration. My personal feeling is that now, at this very moment, is not the time to have this conversation; I’m afraid that opinions, good will & desire to be part of Tikun Israel, healing Israel, will be misinterpreted & brushed off by readers who are simultaneously reassuring their children, hugging them while sitting in a bomb shelter. The past several weeks have been intense, stressful and heartbreaking. So much hate, too much death, victims so young, so innocent. We here in Israel find ourselves surrounded by horror, by hate and evil intentions on all borders – & within. This can cause any population to live in stress and anxiety – all of which leads to an entirely different perspective, a dramatically different reality from others living in other parts of the world, especially the US. I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m looking for perspective. Yesterday I hid under a bridge from incoming rockets while coming home from work. What was anyone else’s commute home like? Last night my kids woke up every hour of the night in fear and anticipation of a siren; they have already internalized the reaction to sirens so much so that they anticipate it, frightened by the sound of a motorcycle or ambulance. This morning, instead of saying goodbye and wishing him a great day, I sat in a bomb shelter with one of my kids and his class mates because 4 rockets were shot from Gaza to our vicinity. There were 15 6 yr olds sitting there, scared out of their minds as they listen to the eerie sirens and heard the booms; I pray that no child, not any of yours or anyone else’s, experience this. No need for compassion, just understanding and perspective. Would love to continue the conversation, dissect all that needs to be fixed, it’s part of why I live here, but I’d rather do this, and have the ability to think clearly, when I’m not anticipating the sirens. I’m not thinking of tomorrow, just want to make it through the day.  Praying for peace and quiet for our region, for all children – on both sides – won’t you join me?