Community Update: Rabbi Leor Sinai US Speaking Tour

Rabbi Leor Sinai, US Speaking Tour


Rabbi Leor Sinai is a Global Speaker, Education Diplomacy Thought-Leader, and long-time Zionist educator. Originally from New York, Sinai made Aliyah with his family in 2011. He is a Legacy Heritage Foundation Fellow and Doctoral Candidate in the field of Education Leadership. Sinai serves on the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Board of Governors as Chair of the Youth Aliyah & Absorption Committee, is a board member at Kol Israel—the General Zionist faction at the World Zionist Organization and is on the board of Atchalta—a non-partisan think tank advancing social cohesion and national resilience in Israel.
In addition to serving as a presenter, educator and global speaker, Sinai consultants agencies that are seeking to advance 21st Century Israel Education, Leadership Development, and Organizational Advancement.

Following the horrific massacre of Simchat Torah 5784, October 7, 2023, Sinai decided to focus his attention towards advancing Tikun Israel, healing Israel. In an article following the massacre Rabbi Sinai reflected: “If Israel’s weakness in past destructions came because of sinat chinnam, baseless ego driven hatred, then Israel’s strength and unity comes in the form of ahavat chinnam, selfless driven acts of love, kindness and arevut, accountability for one another. This is the great tikun of our time, the Jewish People’s modern-day revelation: Tikun Yisrael precedes Tikun Olam, healing Israel precedes healing the world. After all, how can we heal anyone if we ourselves are broken?”
Sinai will be traveling stateside for speaking engagements this March-April, with Summer and Fall to be added. For more information, to inquire about Rabbi Sinai speaking at your community, or consulting your agency, email at leor@leorsinai.com

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